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Overcoming Fragmented African Payments With Pay1st

The payment landscape in Africa is a fragmented one, with a variety of payment methods being used across the continent. This fragmentation can be a significant challenge for mobile game developers looking to monetize their games in the region. However, there is a solution: Pay1st, a product from Carry1st that combines multiple payment methods in one integration.

Local payment methods are enabled through Pay1st
Mobile games often miss out on monetization because of a lack of local payment methods

The challenge of monetizing mobile games in Africa

Mobile gaming is a rapidly growing industry in Africa, with millions of people across the continent playing games on their smartphones daily. However, monetizing these games can be a challenge due to the fragmented payment landscape in the region. Many players in Africa do not have access to credit cards or bank accounts, commonly used payment methods in other parts of the world. Instead, they rely on alternative payment methods, such as mobile money, which are not always easy for developers to integrate into their games.

Furthermore, the payment landscape in Africa is highly fragmented, with different payment methods being used in different countries and regions. This can make it difficult for developers to monetize their games across the entire continent, as they may need to integrate with multiple payment providers in order to reach all potential players.

Introducing Pay1st: the solution to the payment fragmentation problem

Pay1st is a product from Carry1st, a leading mobile game publisher in Africa. It is a payment integration platform that combines multiple payment methods into one simple API, making it easy for developers to monetize their games across the entire continent.

With Pay1st, developers can easily integrate with multiple payment providers, including mobile money, credit cards, and bank transfers. This means that they can reach a wider audience of players across the continent, regardless of their preferred payment method. Pay1st also offers a range of other features, including fraud prevention and analytics, making it a comprehensive payment solution for mobile game developers in Africa.

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